• 2020 Airedale Terriers Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Known as the “King of Terriers” for their large size, the Airedale Terrier originated from the valley of the River of Aire. They were originally bred to serve as working dogs, and have even been known to work with the military and the police. Nevertheless, Airedales make great companions and…

    • 2020 Akitas Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Akitas were originally bred in the mountainous northern region of Japan. One of the most famous Akitas was a dog named Hachiko who was known for his undying loyalty to his master. Akitas are a strong dominant dog, but when trained properly are very confident and make great companions.

    • 2020 Alaskan Malamutes Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      The state dog of Alaska. If you met one of these soft-natured canines in a friend’s home, you would be surprised to learn that they were once used to hunt large prey like seals, and even bears! These large canines were originally bred as Arctic utility dogs, and could be…

    • 2020 Alligators Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      There are two living species of alligator, one found in China, and the other in the Southeastern United States. A look at this rugged reptile is a look at the ancient world. Scientists believe that the species haven’t had major changes in 8 million years, and their first appearance on…

    • 2020 American Eskimo Dogs Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      The American Eskimo dog is the Husky’s smaller white cousin. Despite their name, they were originally bred in Germany, where they were used as guard dogs. Affectionate, territorial, and easy to train, these canines make great fluffy household companions!

    • 2020 Anglers Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Serving those who have served our country: Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings. Fishing is one of the most common American pastimes. Yes,…

    • 2020 Australian Cattle Dogs Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Known for forming strong attachments to their owners, these sturdy dogs were once renowned as cattle herders. They were skilled at helping to drive cattle over long distances through rough terrain. They’re quite protective, and require relatively little physical maintenance, making them ideal companions!

    • 2020 Australian Shepherds Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Also known simply as “Aussies” the Australian Shepherd was bred in the United States and not in Australia contrary to popular belief. Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs with a strong desire to please so they excel at agility training and make great service, rescue and guide dogs.

    • 2020 Baby Animals Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      There is nothing cuter than baby animals! Their big eyes, fluffy feathers, or innocent and hilarious disposition make them a favorite for young and old. Enjoy a year with these irresistible cuties!

    • 2020 Baby Big Cats Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      These predators are the kings and queens of the jungles and savannas. It’s easy to forget that at one point in their lives, the only thing they were ferocious at was being cute. We hope this calendar featuring the cutest of them all will be your reminder.

    • 2020 Baby Elephants Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Elephants are the largest land animal in the world, weighing about 5 tons on average! Despite their massive size, these animals are cooperative and friendly. Maybe it’s their gigantic bodies; maybe it’s their unexpected compassionate and gentle personality.

    • 2020 Baby Foxes Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Adult foxes are known for their pointy ears, long snouts and bushy tails. Their babies, commonly called cubs or pups, are known for being one of the cutest of all the small mammals.

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