• 2020 Kittens and Puppies Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      It’s an argument that has lasted as long as people have been domesticating dogs and cats. Which is cuter, a puppy or a kitten? Well, we’ve tried answering, and we give up. Here is our presentation of optimal cuteness, no matter what side of the argument you fall on.

    • 2020 Kittens Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      With their sassy attitudes and loving demeanor, cats are a favorite all across the world! Whether you’re an owner of one of these cute creatures or just a happy onlooker, you will enjoy these colorful pages of a variety of cute little kittens!

    • 2020 Maine Coon Kittens Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Maine Coon kittens have been described as the puppies of the kitten world. Unlike many of their feline counterparts, Maine Coon kittens are very affectionate and social, and they prefer the company of their family. This high quality calendar is a must for all Maine Coon Cat Lovers!

    • 2020 Rescue Kittens Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      On the Cover: Tinsel came to PetConnect Rescue with his sister Sugarplum right around the holidays. Tinsel’s fun-loving personality and penchant for tree-related trouble kept his foster family in stitches. He and Sugarplum were so bonded that PetConnect Rescue knew we needed to adopt them out together. While that can…

    • 2020 Siamese Kittens Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      The Siamese Cat is native to Thailand, which was formerly known as Siam. These cats are characterized by beautiful blue eyes, a triangular head shape and large ears. They are extremely friendly and are even known to be social cats. Any Siamese Cat lover will enjoy flipping through each month…

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