• 2020 Abstract Art by Justin Victoria Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Justin Victoria is a graphic designer and visual artist. His work utilizes a mix of acrylic paint on canvas, digital techniques, and photography. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of image making, and creating thought-provoking work. His goal is to extend the creative conversation and share new ideas. Justinvictoria.com

    • 2020 Akitas Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Akitas were originally bred in the mountainous northern region of Japan. One of the most famous Akitas was a dog named Hachiko who was known for his undying loyalty to his master. Akitas are a strong dominant dog, but when trained properly are very confident and make great companions.

    • 2020 Alaskan Malamutes Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      The state dog of Alaska. If you met one of these soft-natured canines in a friend’s home, you would be surprised to learn that they were once used to hunt large prey like seals, and even bears! These large canines were originally bred as Arctic utility dogs, and could be…

    • 2020 Alligators Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      There are two living species of alligator, one found in China, and the other in the Southeastern United States. A look at this rugged reptile is a look at the ancient world. Scientists believe that the species haven’t had major changes in 8 million years, and their first appearance on…

    • 2020 American Eskimo Dogs Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      The American Eskimo dog is the Husky’s smaller white cousin. Despite their name, they were originally bred in Germany, where they were used as guard dogs. Affectionate, territorial, and easy to train, these canines make great fluffy household companions!

    • 2020 American Roadtrip Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      The American road trip is a journey that every citizen of this country must take at some point. These roads will take you from east to west, old to new, and everywhere in between. Hop in! Take a ride with us, and explore the beauty of our nation with this…

    • 2020 Anglers Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Serving those who have served our country: Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings. Fishing is one of the most common American pastimes. Yes,…

    • 2020 Avocados Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      The avocado is thought to have originated in south-central Mexico. This healthy fruit is chock-full of fiber, potassium, healthy fats and many other essential nutrients. We know you’ll enjoy 12 months of this delicious, nutritious food for all of its beauty.

    • 2020 Babes Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Our 2020 Babes have been hand picked to add some excitement you your home! Belleville Press is committed to providing tasteful images that reflect beauty and sensuality.

    • 2020 Baby Animal Talent Show Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Welcoming to the stage, cuteness like you’ve never seen before. These little guys and gals maybe cute, but that’s not their only talent. This year, we’ll see everything from song and dance, to art and spoken word! Please, do not hold your applause for the 2020 Baby Animal Talent show!

    • 2020 Baby Big Cats Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      These predators are the kings and queens of the jungles and savannas. It’s easy to forget that at one point in their lives, the only thing they were ferocious at was being cute. We hope this calendar featuring the cutest of them all will be your reminder.

    • 2020 Baby Foxes Wall Calendar 12 x 12 Inches


      Adult foxes are known for their pointy ears, long snouts and bushy tails. Their babies, commonly called cubs or pups, are known for being one of the cutest of all the small mammals.

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