Where/When do you feel most yourself? 

I don’t think I have a specific place or time. The practice of za zen is to “be” in every moment completely, or to practice pure action in all you do. I try my best to practice this lifestyle. However, I think I feel it with the most ease in extreme sports – Snowboarding as I am riding to a jump, or boxing as I am in the ring sparring. This is where the noise quiets and I am most at one with my moments. 

What makes you laugh? Cat videos and people who take themselves to seriously

What’s your next adventure? I hope training with Shaolin Monks in China.. Or through practicing the Wim Hof method,  submitting a mountain this winter with only shorts and sneakers on.

 Favorite quote

 “when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”

Favorite TV Show

Tough call but have to go with Mad Men. 

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